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Welcome to our Clients Resources page! This is an organic page and will continue to change over time with the changing needs of you, our client. Enjoy!!

Here you will find documents that make up your Welcome Package - what Belinda calls your "WorkStyle Wallet"

If you like to read then please read all the documents and fill out all the forms - if that is your thing!

If you are not a reader nor form filler-inner, that is fine too. Please only read and action the required documents, which are:

07 - top 5 goals

09 - coaching session prep form

11 - policies & procedures

A gentle reminder to please remember to pay your invoice BEFORE your first session with Belinda.


Listed below are several documents that you can download. We recommend saving it with your other coaching files. Then click on save. You can then use the document and continue to update it or with documents like the Coaching Prep form you may want to copy it for each coaching session.

01 - With a Coach You Will...

Coaching has been demonstrated to have very powerful results when 3 factors are present...

02 - What is a Coach?

A Coach is...

03 - 60 Things my Clients Most Want

For individuals and business

04 - How to Get More Out of Your Coaching

I want you to benefit greatly from the time we have together during each coaching session AND also effectively utilise the time betwene our sessions to embed what we discussed.

05 - Discover Your WorkStyle Guide

Review each item and highlight the ones that are true for you. Then select two un-highlighted items to focus on during your coaching sessions.

06 - A List of Popular Goals

Please select the goals YOU most want to work on during the first year of coaching.

07 - Top 5 Goals Worksheets

Use these worksheets to get clarity around your top 5 goals.

08 - Come to the Coaching Session Prepared

We have 45 mins together so you'll want to have a written list of things for you to share and us to discuss. On this list include things such as...

09 - Coaching Session Prep Form

The Power of the Prep Form

10 - How I Coach Clients

Because each professoinal coach has their own style of coaching clients, I thought that you would be interested to know how I, as an internationally recogised Master Certified Coach, expect of my clients and what you can expect of me.

11 - Policies & Procedures

Please become familiar with my policies and procedures. If you have any questions, just ask at our next session or call or email me.

12 - ICF Code of Ethics

As an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach (MCC), I abide by this Code of Ethics.



Coaching Mandala

Design Your WorkStyle

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