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Are you an external coach in private practice, or considering moving into private practice?

Do you love doing the people work in your business, yet find yourself caught up in handling too much paperwork?

Are you battling the tiresome day-to-day stuff that strangles business success and losing?

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The Professional Coach's Business System Revisited is the key to freeing yourself once and for all from this battle is to systemise your business. Put business systems and structures in place that will streamline the paperwork so you can have more time to do what you love, the most. 

Find out more about the PCBS
What's my investment?
The No Risk Guarantee

Do you remember your dream?


Remember why you wanted to coach to begin with? Was it to create your own lifestyle? I would guess that your dream contained scenes of working with clients and contributing to their life. Picture this - there you are, lying in a hammock, a lovely breeze is in the warm air, you look out over your garden vista to the distant mountains and then your phone rings ... it's your coaching client. With your laptop nearby, you take in these beautiful surroundings as you spend the next 45 minutes on the phone coaching your client. mmm ... what a life! You make a major difference to others while honouring your own dream, AND you get paid for it.

How will I benefit from owing and using the PCBS Revisited?

The PCBS Revisited is your knight in shining armour. The key to this is SYSTEMS.

Save Yourself Stress Time Energy and Money!

Anxiety about what to do is alleviated – you will do the right things (effective) and do things right (efficient) – you can now relax and put your mind at ease – you can feel confident that things will not fall through the cracks and processes are systemised. The pcbs revisited will allow the flow of information and diary tasks to carry you past the usual guilty-grind. Create your own “guilt free, gild-edge system”. You can incorporate the reoccurring tasks into a simple daily, weekly or monthly routines that flow. This will defuse your short fuse freeing you of the background noise about mere routine issues.

Spent at choice, not behind computer or shuffling paperwork; you can use your newly found additional time for networking, prospecting, current clients, you, your family, hobby, business development, health and fun.

No longer will you be bogged down with administrivia, now you can be energised by being with people versus being with paper, and with more energy life becomes more effortless.

With more time to be in front of prospects and clients and to network, you WILL make more sales; spend more time making money and less time managing money. In turn, this money can be reinvested back into the business or paid to you as additional salary.

As you use the pcbs revisited you will begin to feel more in control, less stressed, more organised and more confident about running your business. You can be at choice as you enjoy the freedom from the administrivia battle.

What does the PCBS Revisited include?

  • 280+ full colour pages in a user friendly spiral bound text (convenient as it lies flat when reading or on desk)

  • crisp clean and easy to read layout with beautiful and inspirational photographs

  • access to 50 online fully customisable templates – completely integrated with everything from Answering the phone to eXpanding your business

  • 10 Chapters plus a conclusion (all with Chapter Action Plans)

  • quick reference Table of Contents

  • fully detailed Index of over 20 pages

  • references and links to other relevant books, tools and websites – many offering FREE resources

  • 100% money back 90 day guarantee


What is my investment?


AUD $649 inc GST and postage buys you the complete the PCBS Revisited - This is the equivalent to one new client for 3 months @$215 per month. This is a one-off payment, no ongoing monthly or yearly fees. Plus, you have ongoing email access to Belinda, the author.

Do you have over 500 hours to develop this work yourself?

Here is a simple ROI (return on investment) calculation to ponder… Let’s say you currently base your coaching services on $100 per hour. (Of course after reading the pcbs revisited, you will know about packaging up your services and will be charging more than this – but for ease of calculation, let’s stick with $100 per hour). Over one in four coaches are spending between 11-20 hours per week not actually coaching but engaging in coaching business related activities (ie.battling administrivia). So this means that these coaches are spending a minimum of 11 x $100 per week with administrivia. That’s $1100! Do you have a spare $1100 to pay yourself (per week) to create this? Or you can just pay a fraction of this and have it all now? After implementing the ideas and actions from the module checklists in the pcbs revisited, you have now cut down your administrivia hours by 50%, to 5.5 hours per week – this frees up over 5 hours per week that could be charged out for coaching services. At $100 per hour this is $500. So for a $500 weekly increase, your ROI will take you just over one week for the pcbs revisited.

Here is another way you can look at your return on investment (ROI):

Let’s say you currently have 10 clients each paying you $300 per month, this equates to income of $3,000 per month. Now, you have decided you want to increase this to having 20 clients each paying you $400 per month. Your new projected income is $8,000 per month. The pcbs revisited helps you to create the extra time and space to attract an additional 10 clients. The pcbsrevisited helps you give additional value to your clients so you can increase your fees by 33%. ($100) So for a $5,000 monthly increase, you are investing just 12.5% for the pcbs revisited.

You can’t lose with our no risk guarantee!


I, Belinda MacInnes, stand behind the pcbs revisited with an absolute money-back guarantee within 90 days of purchase. I offer a complete refund of your full investment if your coaching business does not achieve a level of success that inspires you. In that event, you will be entitled to a prompt refund (allow 7 days) AND you can keep the pcbs revisited. You will need to:

Take each recommended step to build up your coaching business. Complete each item in each Chapter Action Plan.
Document your actions. This means you are to have available a photocopy of each template you create and use, along with a photocopy of each Chapter Action Plan.

Why I can give you this guarantee: The Chapter Action Plan pages along with the templates provide a proven blueprint – a clear road map from where you are now to a level of paid coaching success that inspires you. Its effectiveness and power are confirmed by a consensus of some of Australasia’s and the world’s most successful coaches. the pcbs revisited is the result of research into the study of success as lived and practised by these coaches. In the unlikely event you wish to use this guarantee, please email us at

Lastly, remember if you put money and time into your business systems now, you will have this system forever. You can even give the pcbs revisited to your Personal Assistant or Virtual Assistant when you no longer want to handle the administrivia yourself. Saves on training time and costs!


As an experienced practitioner but a novice businessperson the pcbs revisited has provided me with a practical resource to guide me through the maze of structures, strategies and processes essential to creating a successful coaching business. The support material enabled me to clarify my business vision and feel confident to start the journey to developing my coaching practice."

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