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“Belinda has been an invaluable guide and mentor for my PCC journey. Her expertise on the PCC competencies helped me to zoom in on the areas where I need to focus and work on to elevate my coaching to the next level. I have learnt much from her and will continue to benefit from our time together beyond the objective of attaining the PCC credential. She has made me a better coach overall. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a strong mentor coach who will be able to value-add with her insights and experience.“


MCC mentoring with Belinda was full of joy, clarity, and empowerment. It was a fun journey! Belinda was very attentive and responsive in our partnering relationship. Her approach fully embodied the curiosity, trust, and presence as an MCC coach. She continuously supported me to build inner confidence by focusing on my strengths and embracing my uniqueness. I gained so much clarity on the areas that I was searching for. Belinda is very generous, open, and passionate to share her knowledge, experience, vision and lessons learned. More importantly she inspired me to see what's next from a bigger picture and impact. I am grateful for the insights, growth, inspiration and grounding energy we created along the process".


“When I commenced this journey I expected it to be a lot of hard work. What I didn’t expect was that it would bring more ease to my life and my coaching practice.
I found Belinda’s supportive style liberating as a coach. Rather than having to be better or work harder, her permission to be truly me as a coach, relinquished the distraction of the inner critic and examiner. Instead I found I could just be with my clients – and fly with them.”


“I had been PCC credentialed for some years and it was finally time to apply for my MCC.  I had all of the hours needed and saw the main hurdle as getting the recordings up to standard.  I wasn’t wanting to muck about, and to my knowledge there aren’t many MCC coaches around with the level of expertise in the Credentialing process and Core competencies as Belinda. My choice to go with Belinda as my Mentor Coach was pretty clear and now that its all done, I’m glad I did.  The majority of our work together was me refining my coaching, with Belinda listening and giving me feedback. The feedback was clear and she was helpful in providing specific examples of what I could do differently.  After not having recorded any coaching sessions for a long time, it was daunting at first, and I know that my first recording was dreadful!  Once the process was started, it became much easier.  It was then just up to me to implement the feedback.  Thanks Belinda for your advice!”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Belinda as my Mentor now for 4 months.  Although she reads incredibly well on paper, she is even more credible in person.  In my quest to become a PCC and then MCC coach, Belinda has listened to recordings in which she has provided solid and robust written and verbal feedback, allowing me to progress and understand what it takes to go from being a good to great coach. Furthermore, she has provided additional insight by phone when she has role-modelled what an MCC coach sounds like. She has raised my awareness of what it takes to move from being a PCC to MCC coach. I highly recommend Belinda as a coach, a mentor and someone who can help you move to where it is you wish to go.”


“Belinda provided me with clear feedback based on the ICF Core Competencies and PCC Markers. And she stretched me to bring my best self, by role modelling a combination of curiosity, care and challenge. As a result, I have grown as a person and coach. I am more effective in serving my coaching clients. Particularly, I (re)gained confidence, which was key to creating authentic coaching recordings required to obtain my PCC credential.”


“I was taken back by how much I'd improved as a coach in such a short period of time, and your feedback was a huge part in this. I was able to embody my authentic self, maintain strong presence, and focus on the client's 'who'/'being' without losing sight of the markers I had to hit. This is a balance I hadn't been able to get right until I used your feedback to create a 'loose structure' that embodied the spirit of the markers rather than a 'prescriptive' model. I genuinely believe this was a big 'evolutionary leap' forward for me as a coach.  In short... I feel like a real professional coach for the first time in my life! Imposter syndrome begone."


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