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Transformational vs Transactional: What’s the Distinction?

Why do clients come for coaching? More importantly, why do clients return again and again for continued coaching?

Most clients come to coaching to clarify what they want and to design how they will achieve it. Yet, most clients STAY in a coaching relationship as they discover WHO they are.

I’m a Master Coach working with people on WHO they are being. This is called Transformational coaching. Put another way, it is whole-hearted (IQ + EQ) coaching vs, simply transactional (IQ) coaching.

IQ+EO = Whole-hearted Relating 💕

Transformational coaching is both an Art and a Science. Transactional coaching focuses on tools and techniques.

My clients know their work and life practices better than I ever will, but do they know themselves as well? What limiting beliefs hold us back and need to be retired? What neural pathways need to be rewired? What behaviours need to be noticed and named, and possibly neutralised using the 3N process? (check out this short video here) These are just some of the enquiries made during time for self-reflection with a Master Coach.

When we focus on WHO we are being, we can discover our values. When our vision is aligned with our values, we feel motivated and energised, and our vision becomes effortless to realise.

Professional coaching with Belinda M works with you to:

Discover the WHO, while designing the HOW, and clarifying the WHAT.

This Belinda M Coaching Model has been informed by many modalities. It’s a simple model, integrated and informed from domains including: ontology; mind/body/spirit; adult development; Maslow; Personal Foundations; Positive Psychology (remember Martin Seligman developed this AFTER coaching became mainstream); and more…

PS - don't forget to download my free “21st Century Time Blocking – What, Why and How” resource here

PPS - don't forget to download my free “How to Run KICK-ASS Introductory Sessions” resource here


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