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I Am Very Busy

The end of the work year is rushing towards us. So much to do, so little time. How are you managing?

I’m just hanging in there with the amount of stuff I have to do before I take time off for the long Australian summer holiday season. AND… now I’ve finally gotten my email and calendar back (minus 8 days of content), I’m still trying to catch up there too.

It’s coming from both the past and the future…. argghh...

To manage, I’m focusing on one thing at a time. Being present to what is in front of me now. I’m being ‘where my hands are’. If they are on the keyboard, I’m focussing on what I’m typing. If they are in the sink doing the dishes, I’m focusing on rinsing the precious plate/glass/gift. If my hands are clamped around the secateurs, I’m smelling the roses. You get the drift.

Being where my hands are is far more productive than being in my head right now. There is waaaaay too much going on up there.

Best place for me is when I’m actually coaching. I have to focus on my client and be present with them. It is such a joy to be able to coach and not focus on me! It is an art and a science to do this and I’m still learning.

If the end of the year is speeding towards you, try being present to where your hands are right NOW. It may or may not give you some relief, but it certainly is worth giving it a go.

The present is a gift. Give it to yourself 🎁


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